I want to ride my bicycle ~ I want to ride my bike ~ I want to ride my bicycle ~ I want to ride it where I like
~ Queen, Bicycle Race, Fat Bottomed Girls

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another day....another cold ride.

As no one in my usual group could make it out today I headed up to hartland for a solo ride.

It was another beautiful day....but from what I read on VIMB.com it was nasty up there yesterday and guessed that today was not going to be a lot better.

As I pull into the parking lot I notice that it is FULL...who knew there were this many crazy people wanting to get cold and muddy on a Sunday. :)

I headed out and kept on running into the same group...and just as I was going up Switchbacks...there they were again, going the same route I was going to take, so I joined them...up top it was messy, snowy and icy. We rode champs cafe, southridge, fun trail...down to the new ride around trail...and well, my not knowing trail names...lets just say in a round about way I made my way to two trees, then out of the park via the shock treatment trails...my bottom half covered in mud, my toes numb from all of the snow, ice and slush...and a big frikkin grin on my face.

I didn't get to take too many pics..but here is the slideshow for the days ride. I hope you got out on some great rides this weekend as well.

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