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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mountain Bike Oregon

I began mountain biking in Eugene Oregon many years ago, back in the days of fully rigid bikes, canti brakes and no suspension. I rode with a great group of people...the Disciples of Dirt, this group of passionate bikers are still kicking ass down in Oregon and doing some amazing things. I have not ridden down there in MANY years...moved to Canada and really have not looked back, until recently that is.

I peruse the mtbr.com forums and poked my head into the Oregon forums to see what was goin on down there....and...damn it just got me wanting to head back down south and ride some smooth, fast...and downright sexy singletrack.

Where I live now there is no long epic singletrack very close, those are the types of trails that I cut my cycling teeth on and as I grow older and farther away from the huck scene I am starting to get the itch for that type of trail again.

Then I see some posts about this event they hold down there called Mountain Bike Oregon...you bring tent, bike, etc. and they provide shuttles, good times, great trails and the best of all...FREE BEER...yes...you read that right...they include all the beer you can drink, all for around $300 US for Three full days of riding. Great friggin deal!

I told myself I would head down there this year, to go back to my roots as a rider, to see old friends and to have a hella good time, but unfortunately I don't think it will happen, my Kootanay road trip will take most of my funds and then there is the pesky passport I have to deal with...but the more I think of it the more I want to try and go, but I gotta hurry because space runs out quick I hear.

Last year Francis from mtbr headed down there and wrote up a story from his experience called "2007 Mountain Bike Oregon - the best trip evar!"....to read it click here.

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