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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Seasons by The Collective - a mini review

Last night I was lucky enough to to go see the Vancouver Island premier of Seasons and I must say they have outdone themselves. To me this movie really shows the passion and the love of the sport. It was great to see so much Island content, and Darren in a wet suit is pretty awesome...lol.

I would like to thank Lorien out at Sooke Cycles for putting this great event on, The Collective for giving out some awesome swag and Banshee/Trident for stepping up and donating a Rampant frame to give away at the premier...the guy who won it was super excited. All in all a great success with proceeds going toward the Sooke Bike Club...who is going to give the local trails some lovin. If you have not ridden Sooke yet...I would suggest you stop by the shop and get some info.

For me this is a must buy, I can't wait to watch it a few more times and give it a full review.

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