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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The geek is back....

Well, this blog has been dormant for a while now, sorry about that folks, guess I let life get in the way of blogging, lol...can't say it won't happen again, but I will try to update the site more in the future.

As some of you know I was planning a big road trip this summer, it was going to be awesome, but two weeks before we were going to head out, my Transition Covert broke...not a happy camper. So as I try to get warranty for it I realize that I will not have my bike back in time for vacation....so I take the kids and go have a little family reunion up in Nakusp....it was AMAZING. I got to connect with my old and new family and really loved it up there (If any of you know of any IT jobs up there...lemme know). My dad and his new wife have a few cabins on the Arrow Lakes that they rent out, if you are heading up to that area I would check them out, very nice. The name of the place is Rock Island Resort and they over look the lake, there is a nice area to swim and the ospreys and eagles will put on a show for you.

Being up there w/out a bike was hard, so many good places to ride, but now I know more about the area and will be better prepared for what I hope will be next years trip.

So back to the bike, turns out that the Covert (Transitions all mountain bike) is not meant for big guys like me and I was told that I was riding too aggressively and that I will just break another bike. Now...anyone that has ever ridden with me knows that I am a bit of a wussy on the bike...I don't do drops or jumps that much and really try to keep the tires on the ground, so I call BS on that. If you look where the break happen it looks like an issue with welding or design to me...but Transition says it was not a defect...whatever.

The reason I bought the Covert is I wanted something lighter...more pedalable and a bike that was more my size, my Dirtbag was a great bike but was just too small, and the Covert was the only bike in the Transition lineup that is offered in the larger sizes. So when it came time to warranty, they wanted to get me on a Preston FR...great bike but too small for me, but it was really my only option. So Mike and the boys sent it off to me...god it was sexy and I did not have too many issues selling it..thank god. The issue is I still owed my bike pusher a fair chunk of change for the Covert...so the money from the sale of the Preston...went towards that debt, which left me w/out a bike for a lot of the summer. We struck up a mutually beneficial deal (he had an old Norco frame sitting around and I had on old computer sitting around)and I am not the proud owner of a Norco Sasquatch, or as I like to call it the Samsquanch.

That about brings us up to date...I have been out riding the Samsquanch hard and getting back into shape...going to the gym now that the days are shorter and even trying yoga...so far so good.

I hope to see ya'll out on the trails and hope that fall riding is treating you as well as it is me...but I gotta run, the trails are calling my name.

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