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Friday, January 29, 2010

IMB Bike Mag...the future?

I love some of the new online magazines, I checked out the first issue of IMB and liked it...but then kinda forgot about it...till today. They just released issue 3...you should check it out....155 pages of MTB goodness. :)
Click the photo above to read the magazine!

Is print media dead? The last few times I have picked up a bike magazine (usually just pick them up in the store and skim them) I am left underwhelmed...some great photography can be found in Bike and once in a while a good story....but I find the reviews usually REALLY lacking. Most North American publications seem scared to give bad reviews, like they don't want to scare away advertisers...not only that, but when you are looking through a magazine and see a big two page ad for product X...and then a page later a glowing review for it....it makes me think that I am not getting a real review. What do you guys think about the state of print media?

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