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Monday, February 15, 2010

Chromag OSX Fubar Review - Exclusive SG Content!

I have been riding these Chromag bars for a few months now, I came from Easton EA70's that were a few years old so it was past time to put new bars on the bike. I originally ordered the lighter and not quite as wide OS bars, but they were out and instead sent these sexy smoky chrome OSX bars.

I was a little leery of the length, 30" (760mm) is REALLY wide and coming from my old Easton bars...well it was a bit of a change. I was also not too sold on the chrome finish....not one into bling and showy parts, but I gotta say it has really grown on me and gets a lot of compliments too. The one area where I find it hinders me is on night rides, when I am pushing my fat ass up a steep hill I look down...and a lot of the time my helmet mounted lights catch the shiny surface and blinds me in the process...lol, but never notice it while riding.

The reason I bought the OSX Fubars was becuase of the weight, upsweep and bend were what I wanted out of a set of bars, add to that they are a BC company and it was a no brainer. And the more I ride the wide bars, I love them, it helps that I am 6'4" with wide shoulders and ape arms, so if you are smaller you may want to cut them down a little. So far I have only crashed once from clipping a tree, but I definitely notice the length in the tight BC singletrack...some areas where I was able to sneak in between the trees...now I am not, so if you ride a lot of trails like that...maybe opt for some skinnier bars, or break out the pipe cutter, but be VERY careful...you cut them too short and your pooched. :)

So far they have been great bars...strong, light, sexy and they feel great, what more could you ask for?

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