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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things to do while sick....

Sorry for the lack of posts...I have been on the couch suffering through a man cold...it's a lot like this...

But it has givin me a bunch of time to think about bike parts...lol....after sending some email off to the people at Kind Shock....I think I am gunna pull the trigger soon and get a KS i950-r...of all of the adjustable seatposts that are out there...this one seems to have it dialed the best.

While not perfect, I think from what I have read it is one of the better on the market at the moment. The remote lever that integrates into my lock on grips is awesome....and from what I have been reading this post has little to no movement...unlike the competition and the new version is said to be super reliable...I can't wait to see for myself.

Now....I will rant a little. Is it just me or are the adjustable seat post manufacturers missing the boat completely with some features. First off...the length, make some longer ones please, the KS above is even too short for my liking....please make a 410mm one. Second off is the clamping mechanism...WTF...are we in the past here, We know what works how come they can not figure out how to make a good adjustable post with a clamping mechanism like my beloved Thomson? Third, the cable routing, I really don't like it coming out of the head of the post....makes an unsightly loop, wears frames out with the up and down movement and the extra cable adds weight to the already heavy post. A few manufacturers have figured this out and put it down near the seat collar...bravo, too bad I don't like anything else about their posts though...lol. (I will probably get flamed for that...oh well). And last, but not least...the setback clamp...I don't know anyone who rides a setback post...would be a nice option for people, but please oh please make a non setback clamp option.

Anyway....I will pick up the post in the next month or two and after thrashing on it for a bit will let the SG readers know how I feel about the post.

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