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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I got a new toy...

So my last contract with my cellphone provider expired last week (thank god) and I was going to wait for the next gen iphone, but after a buddy showed me the Xperia X10 I was sold...everyone has an iphone and I wanted something different...don't want to be a sheep. So far the phone is awesome...it's my first smartphone so I am having a TON of fun playing with all the apps and my favourite thing so far is the GPS. I took a hike yesterday and decided to give this app called My Tracks a try..it tracks your distance, speed, elevation and tracks your route, when you are done you can choose to upload it to google maps...very cool. here is my little hike yesterday.

View Mt. Doug Hike in a larger map

Anyway I will spout out more about this camera in the future...I also hope to map out some of the local trails once I can ride again. Speaking of that...since I can't ride, I also bought some trail running shoes. Now...I friggin hate to run but after a month of not being able to ride I just need to get out to the trails again and I figure this will help with my fat ass too...starting slow (hiking) and then going to put more and more running in and break it in easy...wish me luck. Hopefully when I am able to ride again I will be in shape and ready to roll. 

Do you own a android phone and have a favourite app, if so leave the into in the comments, also any tips for a new trail runner..please comment...I need all the help I can get...lol.


  1. MyTracks works well depending on the device. My Backflip works flawlessly. You can then save it to an existing map, essentially tracking every ride that year in one spot. Cool stuff.

  2. Yeah, I am really loving it so far. I am looking for an adroid app that does offline mapping with topo maps. So far not much out there but there is one in beta that looks like it is going to be awesome called Backcountry Navigator...I will probably do a writeup on it after it releases, so far I really like what I see.