I want to ride my bicycle ~ I want to ride my bike ~ I want to ride my bicycle ~ I want to ride it where I like
~ Queen, Bicycle Race, Fat Bottomed Girls

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I was sick for a week and feeling the need to ride in a big way, not only that but I wanted to film for my next video and I already knew the trails I wanted to hit this time. Jelly Roll and Lumpy Pants are some of my favourite trails in the park, together with Who's Your Daddy and  Night Shift make one of the funnest routes down in the park, maybe I will video those on another day.

It was a great day for it, it was raining but none of it was really getting through the canopy, good thing because the trails that regularly take me 10 minutes at the most on a regular day took me 2.5 hours while filming, I was not in a hurry but self filming is a lot of work and I was really enjoying it.

Anyway, enough with the words...onto the good stuff...


  1. You rock. Love the beginning with the adjusting the bike, and then the ride, and ending with the water shot & the finger. So great. All of it.

  2. Nice film, but we shouldn't ride on wet or muddy trails.

  3. You must not be from the Island eh Thomas, if we didn't ride in the rain we would hardly ever ride here. The trails are built to ride all year long.

    The trails can get pretty nasty when wet in other places that do not see rain that often, but we armour our sensitive rooty spots and drainage is key. It rains a lot here...so we make the best of it.

    If you are ever up in the area I would love to show ya around...rain or shine. :)