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Friday, May 27, 2011

Long Weekends FTW

Another great weekend, I rode Tzouhalem twice and had a nice relaxing day watching the parade and hanging out at the beach with Scwink, yup...another hard weekend here on the island.

On Saturday I met up with some new friends I met on the vimb.com forums, they had never been the the Tzou so we headed up and I showed them around...made them work for it first by riding trails to the top....it's more work but way more fun than riding the road to the top...we are mountain bikers right?

After working our way to the top we rested and took in the great views and then buckled up for the fun ride back down. For self proclaimed n00bs they kicked ass on the way down, only one incident that I can remember and that was while we were sessioning a little drop....none of us really get our tires off the ground much so this was great practice...one crash where she took a hard hit to the chest...but after shaking it off she got back on the bike and nailed it....it all came down to more speed....it was great to start getting comfy with air again. The last trail we hit up was a new one up there called Bisecticon and HOLY CRAP it's a great trail...just fast, flowy, little jumps and whoops all the way down....I was grinning ear to ear and I could tell by their grins that the day was a success.

At the bottom of the trail I looked down and noticed that my new Maxxis Crosmark's bead became unseated from my rim a little bit...without thinking much about it I just put the bike down..a few minutes of packing the car up later I heard a little..."pop"...I look down and see that it came off the rim a little more so I lifted it up and took a look, the tube was forcing itself out of the crevice between the rim and tire...I showed the others and just as I was about to put it down...BANG...came from my tire. WTF just happened...it seems that there was so much pressure where the tube was trying to get out that it just could not take it anymore....was pretty spectacular, the hikers in the lot getting ready for their quiet walk in the woods did not look impressed...but I was....lol.

We packed up the truck and headed home....another great ride in the bag.

The next day Kyle wanted to go riding at the Tzou as well....good thing I love it up there. This time I thought I would try to get the GoPro out and at least capture Bisecticon...a thing of beauty like that needs to be caught on film....well as it turns out no only did I forget my new chest mount...I for some odd reason turned off the camera before riding it....yeah...I am just that awesome!

I ended up mounting the GoPro on my stem, it did work but is a little shaky and you gotta deal with the cables in the view a bit...sorry about that guys...I will do better in the future. I do think I got some cool stuff...like Kyle crashing and a few of the alternate lines down the mountain..I hope you enjoy...

It was great to hang out with Kyle again, he has been working a bunch....and I keep breaking myself...but we got to shred some trail together and have some fun....it was great riding with you again man.

Kyle and Stella at the top

On the road home

On Monday we slept in and then headed out to watch the parade. I love the Victoria day parade...love the bands, especially the pipers...we got there an hour late and during the last two hours I did not see one bagpipe band...I felt...robbed, but overall the parade was good. Loved  that The Zone 91.3 are sponsoring JumpShip....awesome to see. All my pics from the parade are blurry...so you gotta imagine them...lol.

After that we headed out to Mechosin to go play on the beach...I had been looking forward to this for a while now...the first real beach day of the year, and it was warm enough to get away with it...booyeah. Usually I find it cold down by the water because of the wind, but it was perfect out...just a little breeze off the water to cool you off....was a perfect day. Here are some photos I took...

The view from our perch

Looking back to Victoria

This house was AMAZING...

A beautiful little glen we found

My macro shot of the day

Yup...it sure is ugly here...how do we manage it.

The last thing we did was head out to the movies and watch Bridesmaids...if you have not seen it...I fully recommend it...very funny and not a chick flic like I thought...awesome.

As I am a bit of a geek...I had to take a photo of this though....from the arcade in the theater...yay BSOD...love it!

Anyway that was the weekend...another good one. I am looking to update the site more with videos, photos, reviews and other random crap I feel like putting here. I just picked up a Maxxis CrossMark tire and will be doing a quick preview of it next week...so stay tuned for that.

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  1. So then the hikers didn't think there should be a big ka-boom? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8rYotiiFP8&feature=related

    Thanks for sharing the non-Tzou part of your weekend with me. Monday really was perfect, despite the lack of bagpipes. ;-)