I want to ride my bicycle ~ I want to ride my bike ~ I want to ride my bicycle ~ I want to ride it where I like
~ Queen, Bicycle Race, Fat Bottomed Girls

Friday, July 29, 2011

New Toys

As some of you know I had to send my beloved Rune for some warranty issues and they just sent back my new frame....it is DEAD SEXY...here is a crappy picture that I took just now. I thought it may be too much red (my last frame was black with red component highlights, but I think it looks pretty good...what do you think?

My phone is not the best when it comes to photo's like this

Not only that but I won some SRAM X9 goodies from the Crankworx coverage last week and I just got it today...it too has red highlights...haha...

But it is great at macros

The funniest thing is....they sent a 9 speed chain...the rest is 10 speed...whoops...let's see if any shops will trade...I also want to trade the cassette, they sent a 11-32 and I am looking for a 11 or 12-36 so I can go 1x10....we'll see if any shops will help a brother out after I get back from Whistler next week.

Speaking of Whistler....I will be there most of next week, so I don't know if a vlog will go up or not...at least not in it's present form...will get as much riding footage as possible though, it's been a few years since I was there last and will be riding off park stuff as well...frikkin excited.

Anyway I gotta eat and head out on a ride...stay classy Internet people.


  1. It's red, sexy and fast....just how I like my gir....errr...bikes...

  2. Meh - I figure at 2 out of 3 I'm still in the running. ;-) XO