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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick Review: CLIF Shot Bloks (Mountain Berry)

Santa was good to me this year and gave me a few packs of CLIF Shot Bloks in my stocking (among many other great things). These are probably my 2nd favourite Energy Chew/Blok/gummy thingy so far. I would like to try the Black Cherry next as it has the caffeine kick in it that I love so much, and brewyet on Reddit says it's the best flavour...so gotta look for those next time I am in the shop.

As for energy, I really can't say any of the chews so far have really made me feel any different, but I have not bonked or felt a lack of energy after eating any of them...and I gotta say they are yummmmy, way better than an energy bar...at least for the shorter few hours rides I have been on lately.

Any recommendations on what to try next?


  1. I've read you've tried the stingers, have you tried Sharkies yet? Sharkies and Stingers are arguably my 2 favourites, but I also buy some of these clifblocks too.

    Not sure how much pseudo-effect these have, but at the 24 hour races late in the night or halfway thru a lap, I usually force down a bag of one of these, and a gel and I'm good to go for a while longer.

    Green sharkies are my favs.

  2. Gee - you must have been a VERY GOOD boy this year. :D

  3. I have not tried the Sharkies yet, will pick those up next, and the Black Cherry Shot Bloks. They are just so much easier to eat than bars.

    And yet..I have been good. :)