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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 Speeds of Awesomeness...6 Months Later

I have been riding this setup for around 6 months and to tell the truth I was expecting it to wear out faster, maybe some broken chains because of the reduced chain width or snapping another cassette...I mean if the Internet fear mongers would have their way this is what they would make you think right? People don't like change, so they make up reasons why they don't think the newfangled gear will work. Internet engineers were quick to dismiss 10 speed, but has it proven to work under this fat man for the past half year?

In a word, yes.

10 speeds of awesomeness
I have not treated it well and yet it still shifts flawlessly. I have dropped the chain off the front end a few times now but I think that would have happened if I was running a 8/9 speed setup as well. My shifts feel crisper and faster than my old system, but as I said ... it was old and fairly worn out. All I do for maintenance is wipe off the chain every once in a while and drip some triflow on it ... usually though I forget to do that and just throw some on in the parking lot.

I don't exactly keep it clean and tidy
There is not much to say so far because it has worked with no hassles at all. The only thing is the issue with the dropped chains, but I think I may have found something to help there and the issue is not with the drive train but in my setup. The shifting is crisp, precise and worry free - you can sit behind your screens and tell me it won't work all you want ... but so far you have been proven wrong.

With that said, if I were to do this again I would go with SRAM cranks with the spiderless chainrings, pick up a chainring from HBC and a N-Gear Jump Stop or pick up a Bionicon c. guide or the new MRP G2 Micro SL.

I just ordered a N-Gear Jump Stop; I hope this will keep my chain from bouncing off in the rough stuff. It is cheap,  light and so far the customer service has been amazing ... winner winner chicken dinner. I think this set-up would offer the most versatility for the future. Once I get the Jump Stop I will write a review of it as well and let you all know if it does the job.

Here is a link to my original post if you want to see more on my set-up right now.

Are you running a 1x10 setup and if so tell me about your experience so far and I would love to see your setup.

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