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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Product Preview - N-Gear Jump Stop

As most of your know, I have been running a 1x10 system on my bike for a while now with mostly no issues. But, once in a while the chain would jump off the front ring, mostly on the rougher descents - it's not a huge issue but one that I would rather not have to deal with - the safer the better. There's nothing like flying down a hill and then have a bit of an uphill and go to smash your pedals to have no resistance...that is a recipe for pain.

I looked at all types of chain devices, but my setup is a little odd and not that easy to work with. At first I wanted to just put a Blackspire Stinger on there, but it wont fit my frame (Rune) + crank (Atlas) combo, and then I saw the Bionicon C. Guide and like the looks of it, but thought it was far too expensive for what it was and held off. There were a few other options, but most were overkill for what I wanted ... then someone asked me why I don't at least have a Jump Stop in there and after a quick little Google search (I am a Google whore) I came across the N-Gear Jump Stop site. This is just what I needed.

I have been thinking of designing something just like this - it's easy to install and adjust and, to top it off, it's priced just right for my cheap ass. The most awesome part is that if you order it from their site they will just send it to you and if it does not work ... just send it back, but if you like it THEN you can send payment. Now that is great customer service. And unlike most other devices, the price on the N-Gear Jump Stop was around $16 with shipping, wow...way better than the crazy amount of money that others are asking, but this is also a much simpler device than most. Just how I like it (K.I.S.S.)

I ordered it and received it a week or two later with no duty or taxes, it came in a little bubble pack envelope ... no over-packaging here. Inside was the package with the Jump Stop and instructions - all really easy to read. The device itself seems well made, a soft plastic (Zytel) clamp that will not do damage to your frame ... no metal on metal contact and the rest of the hardware is stainless and seems like really good quality, and to top it off it comes with the needed Allen wrench, a nice touch.

I took it down to the bike lair and installed it immediately ... 5 minutes later I was done and enjoying a nice cold beverage, yes it was that easy. It has taken a few little side trail stops to get it just right - it turns out my front ring has a bit of a wobble, and since I am dealing with some big gearing range in my back end I had to adjust for that, but once you have it set you can pretty much just forget it and ride with no worries, and that's all we really want right?

I have been riding with the Jump Stop for a while now, gone of little drops, rough fast DH stuff, long windy XC rides and so far no issues ... but I really don't expect to have any. As I said, this device is really simple and just does what it says. I will keep you up to date in a few months and let you know how it has been holding up so keep an eye out for it.

Available Sizes:

Small fits 1-1/8 inch or 29mm (28.6 nominal bare tube size)
Medium fits 1-1/4 inch, or 32mm (31.8 nominal bare tube size)
Large fits 1-3/8 inch, or 35mm (34.9 nominal bare tube size)

More Details:

Weight: 30 grams
All steel is stainless
UV stabilized Zytel clamp (black) - easy on your frame finish
Tool included
No-hassle warranty - If any part fails, they replace it.

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