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Friday, August 24, 2012

Quick Review: Honey Stinger - Stinger Waffle

After my last Stinger Honey Chew review people kept on telling me about the waffles and that I should try them, I really like the chews but I will try something new and tasty for you guys, see the suffering I put myself through for this blog? Life is tough.

Check out the rest of the review by clicking the link below the picture.

I have had a few of these now and they are really tasty. I personally like the chews better, I think they pack better and I love the caffiene kick of the Lime-Ade ones. With that said I will put these in my pack for longer rides as these seem to fill me up a little more.

As I said I have tried a few of the Honey Stinger Waffle's, the first one I had seemed kind of dry and I did not really enjoy it much, but the 2nd one I had was really moist and tasty. I don't know if the first one was just older or what...but I am happy that I tried them again. I wonder if they can make these gluten free, my girlfriend would LOVE that...hint..hint.

Anyway I would recommend these, they are tasty and filled that empty spot up at the top of the hill. They were in my pack for a few weeks and still came out unbroken, that is a feat as I tend to jam stuff in there and throw it around all willy nilly...oh...and I did I mention that they were tasty too?

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  1. It's very hard for me to steal these gluteous wretches, and do I will have to assume they suck. MORE CHEWS! MORE CHEWS!! ;-)