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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bos Deville Enduro/AM Fork

I have been waiting for more information about this fork for a while now and by the looks of it the wait has been worth it. Bos just released a new video over on the Dirt website and some more info can be found on the Bos online store. I have done all the legwork so all you have to do is sit back in that comfy chair and read...you can thank me later.

More info and Video's after the jump...

First, let me get this off my chest, whoever is doing the translating on their website....sucks, their writeup on the Deville hurt my brain. If you are marketing a product, at least pay for a decent translator...it's not that hard.

With the crappy translating aside, it looks like BOS may have a real winner on their hands here. I admit that I really love what I see, the weight and features really look awesome. I see some people complaining that it is an air fork and while I have been one to crap on air shocky bits in the past, I now run an air shock on my bike and LOVE it...if you have not ridden an air shock in a few years...give it a go again....the tech has come a long way. With that said though....lets remember that this is a first year product and until I can ride one myself I refuse to get all gushy about it.

Now onto the stats:

  • Travel : 160 mm
  • Stanchions : 34 mm 
  • Spring : air spring 
  • Adjustments : Hi + low speed compression / rebound 
  • Axle : 20 mm + QR 
  • Features : exclusive TRC system 
  • Weight : 1990 gr / 4.38 lbs
  • Price : 1193.00 € TTC
I like just about everything there....till that last point...holy crap that's allot of coin for a fork a quick conversion tells me about $1500.00 CAN, thats DH fork territory...ouch.

The TRC (Twin Rate Curve) system looks interesting, from what I understand it does not lower the fork at all just doubles the compression rate so the travel goes to 120mm instead of 160mm. As far as I know all travel reduction forks till now have also lowered the fork...the advantage to this is it made climbing easier by making the head tube steeper....but this new system just lowers the travel, that's it. I don't know why they think it is going to revolutionize AM forks....all they are doing is making a tall XC fork, why would you use this feature? I don't really see the point of it...do you? Do you like the air...think it's too expensive...or think I am full of crap...let everyone know in the comments section.

Here is the DirtTV Interview with Roger Estrada:

And here is Nico putting the fork through it's paces:


  1. Let me know how that fork works out for ya Rob, it sure is sexy. :)