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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Banshee Bikes

Banshee bikes used to stand for big heavy huck bikes, bikes that were not terribly good looking, and that you could abuse...but you had to pay for it in a lot of extra weight, even then...well...they still broke.

The boys at Banshee have spent the last while changing all that, their new bikes are super sexy, well engineered, lighter and still able to take the abuse that a lot of riders dish out.

My personal favorites are the Rune and the new prototype DH bike the Legend. If you have been following their Blog at all you will know plenty about the Legend...if not you should head on over and check it out.

But don't get to thinking that Banshee is just all squishy bikes, its not...they have their new beautiful jump bike called the Amp, the classic FR HT the Morphine and AM/XC Scirocco and the XC racer the Viento. Not only that, but I hear rumors of a new 29er coming out from Banshee as well (maybe called the Paradox...or the Viento29)....that will be interesting to see.

Their new shocker bikes are what get me all hot and bothered though. I have a friend that just bought a Wildcard and she loves it...I gotta say that is on hella sexy bike. I know riders that own Rampant's, Scythe's and Pyre's too...all they do is rave about them, get's kinda annoying after a while...lol. I guess I will be one of those annoying ones when I buy my next bike too...I hope to be the proud new owner of a Rune...hopefully sooner rather than later, and I am stoked.

I love the thought that went into the new designs, the thinking outside of the box on the V4B pivots. The Rune, Rampant and Pyre are using what's called iglide polymer bearings, I have heard a lot of naysay for bushing systems, but it seems that Banshee got it right with this setup. If you want to know more about all the new engineering technical mumbo jumbo that I would never be able to get right...click here to check it all out...

So, lets just say that this year Banshee really turned a corner and I am seeing more and more of them out on the trails, the people running the show are awesome (I got a chance to ride with a few of them this spring), a good warranty and kickass bikes...if you are in the market for a new ride I would really look into the new Banshee Bikes, you will not be sorry.

With that I leave you with a Video of Dean riding his Rune on 7th Secret on Fromme...If you want more awesome helmet cam videos check out Deans Blog here.

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