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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why Bikes will cost more next year....

If you have not heard yet...bike prices will be going up quite a bit next year. I have heard people asking...why is this happening...are the bike companies gouging us...and many other complaints (people complain on the Internets..that unpossible)....anyway the good people over at Singletrack posted up an article on it all...a good read click here to check it out.

Yes, I know it's all relating to the pound...but it gives you an idea of why prices are going up.

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  1. Retailers set their '09 MSRPs before the credit crunch and based them on exchange rates and demand (high gas prices led to a jump in bike sales). The credit crunch has completely shifted the economics around. The dollar is now way up compared to other currencies, and oil is down 50% off peak. Retailers will have to give deep discounts or be stuck with overflowing stock rooms.