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Monday, May 17, 2010

Follow Me Review - SG Content

I headed down to the Sooke Premier of Follow me a few weeks ago and not only did the Sooke Bike Club put on a great event with great prizes provided by Sooke Mountain Cycle, Banshee, Dakine, Norco, Pro/Shimano and to top it off the movie was not all that bad either.

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I loved the movie...and while I really do not usually like dirt jumping in movies (I find it very repetitive and boring) I did not feel this movie had a lot in it, I have read that others felt it had too much, but they are wrong....I am right (if you think that I am wrong voice your opinion in the comments). It had nice flow between the segments, and there were a few "oh wow" moments that I loved (the Matt Hunter gap/wallride is one that I loved). Was great to see Sam Hill on the shore...althought thought it was a little wierd that he just disapeared halfway through the segment.

I like the more "soulful" movies over the thrashem/hardcore movies so I am a sucker for the Collective movies, while this one is good...I just felt it was too short, I left the theater wanting more..lets hope they make another movie and this time make it a little longer...preferably with long big mountain and fast DH segments, those are the ones I love the most.

So, in conclusion I would say if you liked the old Collective movies I would pick this up in a heartbeat...if you don't like 'em well....I dunno what to say....sorry you don't like good shit, because thats what this movie is.

The good news for you people that do not have a local shop that carries too many movies or just don't need a hard copy they put it up on itunes. For a measly $10 you can get it in glorious HD, or if you prefer pinkbike just started shipping copies out, hopefully bike shops will have copies soon.

Do you have a love for MTB movies and have an opinion on what ones are good/bad/ugly? If so just post a comment and we can chat about you creating reviews for SG.

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