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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Little Update...and a Surprise!

So I have yet again been MIA for a little while while I have been healing up. While I was down and out I decided to take apart my bike and replace all the bushings and just give it some much needed love before riding the snot out of it this summer. One of the bolts in my lower pivot seized up so I took it to Lorien out at Sooke Mountain Cycle so he could work his magic...he puts it up in the stand and notices something I had missed....a bit of a crack in the BB weld of my frame...crap...another broken bike.

I am super lucky, thank god we noticed now as the warranty runs out at the end of the month...whew...glad I took it out to Lorien. I am now waiting for my replacement but have been told that they do not have any ano black in XL...shit, while I am super happy that I am getting a new frame...I really hope they do not send a team colour frame...and I would LOVE a new silver/grey ano one...hint hint.

So while I have been waiting for the warranty thing to work out I put some knobbie tires on my frankenbike and took it up to the North Saanich Freeride Park so I could get a little more comfy in the air...and to work on my fitness a bit. I am fairly well known in my riding circle for my lack of balls when it comes to air...and well...I had a ton of fun and progressed a bit, what a great park and the new pump track out back is killer, if you have not been yet, you should head up there...it's awesome..just make sure it's open first.

After today's session we headed over to Straitline...I have not been there for about a year and man are they growing...their new robot is hella impressive...as are the new all mountain pedals, can't wait to see them all finished...so sexy. While I was up there I picked up a set of SUPER sexy Lenosky pedals...gotta love the blingin 24k gold plated pins...so sexy...not a bad gift for my new frame when it comes in eh...

I have a bit of a surprise after the break...

So for a while now I have been wanting to start making vlogs for Singletrack Geek...reading is hard mmmkay...and it is just about to become a reality...so now ya'll will have to look at my ugly mug...bwahahahaha..

Well...it should be up sometime this week...I shot it all and...well,  as I am a n00b at this, I made lots of little mistakes so I decided to shoot it again, this has pushed the schedule back a little but once it is up I will post up here...so watch out for it.

Till then....Ride Hard, Laugh Lots and Get Dirty!

Oh yeah...and follw me on Twitter...because...well....I need twitter followers so I feel validated in life. ;)

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