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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let's Start The New Year Off Right!

I see a lot of people spewing hate towards other types of bikes out there on the interwebs and it makes me just scratch my head...why? How could you hate another form of two wheeled transportation just because it does not fit your life or your idea of what a bike should be? Bikes are fun. Period. Big bikes, little bikes, skinny bikes, tall bikes and fat bikes, They are all fun in their own way. No one type of bike is superior to the others, they are all just a way to get us out exploring this amazing world of ours and being able to see the sights, smell the smells and feel the wind on our faces...so go out, grab whatever bike makes you happy and have fun...because that is what it is all about.

Photo courtesy of Arztsamui

Yes, we like to show off our expensive bikes, talk about all the little parts that cost way more than they should and look ridiculous to the rest of the world...but truth be told, the person riding down the street on their old clunker they got in a thrift shop is having just as much fun as we are. It's not about how much we spend - it's about the experience, the friends and the feeling that riding gives us. The freedom to ride anywhere, at any pace and feel the earth under our tires...that is what makes this invention so amazing...that feeling right there. If you have ever ridden a bicycle you know it...deep down inside, you know it.

Photo courtesy of bigjom
So next time you feel the need to spout off about how much better one wheel size is over another, or that so and so design is superior to the another...just take a second to think about how absurd it is, and then go out and ride the bike you love so much. It really does not matter what you feel is better, there are different designs for different people and let them choose to ride whatever they want, why does what they ride make any difference to you? I bet you will not care about it when you get back...the bike cleanses our souls, takes our anger and turns it into energy that we spend when the rubber meets the ground.

Photo courtesy of foto76
So whatever bike you have, be it a skinny fixie, a DH rig or a beat up townie...get out there and ride it. Spend less time telling others that their style of riding is worth less than yours and just ride. We are all the same clan, we have bikes in our blood and together we can show everyone how amazing the bicycle really is, and how much fun we can have together.

Let's spend the new year riding our bikes, playing in the forest, parks, streets or wherever your wheels prefer to roll. When you see see someone else out there enjoying their bikes, give them a smile or a little nod of approval or heck even a little wave...let them know that just because we may be on a different two wheeled mode of transportation that we are all the same.

Happy New Year from Singletrack Geek! Rememember to Ride Hard, Laugh Lots, Get Dirty!

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