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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SG Review - Pedal-Driven a Bikeumentary

I first found out about this documentary...or as they call it Bikeumentary when Howell at the Moon productions started a kickstarter account to help raise money to make it....once I read about what they wanted to do I was all over it...and since I gave money early they sent me a pre production version of this movie...and I have to say that no matter where you ride you need to watch this...not that you should...but you NEED to, the future of our sport depends on it.

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While the story focuses on the fight that groups are going through down in the States, the struggle over trails and land to build trails on is something that just about every mountain bike advocacy group in the world is dealing with. If you ride a mountain bike then you really need to see this movie, I believe that the lessons they learned can work the same anywhere.

Pedal-Driven starts by showing the viewers the struggles between the mountain bikers and land managers down in Washington, and through the rest of the movie it shows how other groups have leveraged the success of our sport to open more trails, revitalize economies, save forests and open the minds of land managers.

It tells this great story that will keep you interested in watching, and in between the great documentary segments there are some really well shot riding sequences that make me want to grab my bike and hit the trails. This movie really gets me stoked to not only ride...but it gives me an understanding of the amount of work it takes to keep the trails I love open and gets me stoked to help my local advocacy group in any way I can.

Pedal-Driven really does do a good job of trying to show not only the standpoint of the cyclists but the issues that land managers are going through as well and how we can work together to create new trails for everyone.

Between the excellent cinematography, the great message and the great learning tool that this movie provides I really can not say enough good about it...go to their site and pre-order it now.

Thank you Howell at the Moon for making this bikeumentary... I really believe that the more people that watch Pedal-Driven, the better our sport will be.

To find out more check out their website:

If anyone on the island wants to watch it...we have a BBQ, a cold fridge for beverages, tons of couch space and a big TV to watch it on...come on over.

And to end this review off here is my favourite quote of the movie:

"If you slow down and smile at somebody, it makes a world of difference"
Ryan Schutz

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  1. I'm not a rider - though I am in love with one - and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this movie - the rides, the cinematography, and getting a bigger sense of what mountain biking is and can do for communities. I'd highly recommend Pedal-Driven for anyone who cares about the outdoors and how to share and preserve them.